When To Apply Sunscreen Before Or After Moisturizer | When It Works Best ?

In our daily skincare, sunscreen is a part of our routine. We all know how vital sunscreen is! We have to apply sunscreen to protect our skin from UV rays. But there comes a difficult question “When to apply sunscreen before or after moisturizer”?

Makeupix has talked with some dermatologists, and all of them are not telling the same! In this situation, we got confused? After all of these analyses, all dermatologists agreed on this point is everyone should apply sunscreen every day. After all, I am going to tell you that when to apply sunscreen before or after moisturizer?

When to Apply sunscreen before or after moisturizer

As you know, Makeupix has talked about some dermatologists. After all of these discussions, we have now understood when to use sunscreen before or after moisturizer? All of them agreed that sunscreen needs to get a deeper layer on your face so that it can make a barrier between face to the sun rays.

Or other dermatologists say you can apply a light moisturizer and wait until moisturizer gets fully absorbed on the face before using sunscreen on the face.

Final Verdict

I have researched a lot on “when to apply sunscreen before or after moisturizer” after all of my research, my recommendation is: “You will get some moisturizer on the market which has a little amount of SPF(Sun Protection Factor). Apply a very light amount moisturizer before sunscreen. When sunscreen absorbed in the face, then you can apply your desired sunscreen.”

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Facts About Sunscreen and Sun Protection

We have a very high chance of getting skin cancer and premature aging because of UV rays. There are two types of UV rays. Number one is UVA and UVB rays. Both are very harmful to our skin.

UVA rays are responsible for skin cells aging, some indirect damages to cells; it also causes some types of skin cancer. It causes long-term skin damages like wrinkles.

UVB rays are responsible for skin darkening and thickening to our skin. UVB rays are causing major sunburn to our skin, which is helping to increase skin cancer chances.

What Type of Sunscreen Is Best

When to apply sunscreen before or after moisturizer

There are two types of sunscreen available on the market “Physical sunscreen and Chemical Sunscreen.” Before you choose one, you need to know which one is the best sunscreen recommended by dermatologists. Dermatologists recommend use sunscreen with SPF 30 to 50 is the best. If you are on the beach or outside the home, then you should use SPF 50 or 50+.

Use SPF 30 on a cloudy day because clouds can not filter UV rays 80% of UV rays come even on clouds. If you are at home, then use below 30 SPF sunscreen.

Physical Sunscreen

Well, physical sunscreen contains active mineral ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Both of this very good for our skin and this helps to prevent UV rays. Physical sunscreens are broad-spectrum and suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologists recommend using Physical Sunscreen.

Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical Sunscreen produced with organic ingredients it uses carbon-based compound. Chemical Sunscreen contains ingredients like oxybenzone, avobenzone, homosalate, etc. These sunscreens are natural to apply and without leaving any white cast. Chemical Sunscreen absorbed UV rays on the face; it’s work like a sponge.

How many sunscreens To Use On Face Teaspoon

Most of you are confused about how much sunscreens to use on the face? You can measure your sunscreen by your kitchen spoons. The Dermatologists recommend that you use sunscreen on your face 1/3 spoons or 1/2 spoons on your face.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Let’s have a look at the answers people are talking about!

Is Face Moisturizer Necessary?

In one word “Yes” face moisturizer is necessary. Keep face moisturizer in your daily beauty routine. Moisturizers prevent environmental damages to your skin and prevent oily skin.

Moisturizer creates a layer between your skin and protects your skin from getting breakouts.

How Long Should I Wait To Apply Sunscreen After Moisturizer?

You should wait around 25-30 minutes after applying your moisturizer, and then you can use your sunscreen. You should not mix your sunscreen with the moisturizer.

 Can I Skip Moisturizer And Use Sunscreen?

To get the best result, dermatologists recommended that you should apply a very slight amount of regular moisturizer before sunscreen.

The experts suggested that you can skip moisturizer, but you have to check that the sunscreen also provides you some moistness to your skin. And avoid chemical-based sunscreen if you want to skip the moisturizer.

Can You Use Sunscreen Moisturizer At Night?

At night your skin naturally starts working to repair itself. You can put some moisturizing that can help your skin to get more healthy.

But if you want to put sunscreen moisturizer with a slight amount of SPF, it also helps but the not the best thing. The best practice is to, first of all, clean your face using a cleanser and then use pure moisturizer.

Should I Apply Moisturizer At Night?

You can apply moisturizer at night! At night our skin, body, and mind get refreshment. Putting a lotion or moisturizer before going to bed will help you to get soft and smooth skin for the next day.

You will get hydrated and much better looking.

Can You Leave Moisturizer On Overnight?

First of all, you need to understand what is the reason behind you are using moisturizer on your skin! Mainly you apply the moisturizer to improve your skin condition.

After applying the moisturizer that can absorb into the skin, so there is nothing to remove. If you have used moisturizer for a long time, then your skin will absorb the moisturizer; there was nothing to remove.

If you need to leave your moisturizer along then, you can go for it, but this is not benefited because you want your moisturizer should get into the deep layer of your skin.


After all of these discussions, we have come to the point that sunscreen is must apply in our daily life. If you care about your skin, then sunscreen is a must for you. UV rays are one of the reasons for skin cancer, so why you take the risk? Apply sunscreens to protect your skin from these UV rays and say not to sunburn.

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