How To Use Face Primer For Long Lasting Makeup | How To Apply Primer Properly [Full Guide In 2021]

When we talk about the makeup primer, then we know that primer is the best friend to get long-lasting makeup. Primming products are the helping hand of makeup so that it keeps makeup for last long. There is no doubt about it. Well, Now you maybe ask me how to use face primer for long lasting makeup?

The actual reason to made primer is to get long-lasting makeup, but you will get more extra benefits from using that. Primer also provides you smooth, glowing, anti-aging formula so that you’ll get much better results on applying makeup. There Is a Bunch of primers available on the market to choose which primer is best for your skin tone.

If you know about makeup primer, but confused about which one is best for you? Then you can read this article on the best primer for large pores.

How To Use Face Primer For Long Lasting Makeup?

What Is a Primer?

The primer is a cosmetics that have used before applying other cosmetics or makeup. A primer comes with different types like lotion or cream. Primer helps to improve the coverage, instant glowing, smooth and keeps makeup for lengthening the amount of time. 

If you want to get better priming results, then you should follow some steps to get the best result on the makeup primer for getting long-lasting makeup.

How To Apply Makeup Primer In A Right Way? 

You should follow the steps that I have provided down below so that you will get the best priming results. Have a look at the steps that you should follow while applying primer to your face. If you follow these steps properly then you’ll learn how to use face primer for long lasting makeup that will help to save a lot of time on priming. 

Step #1: Choose the right primer for your skin! There are tons of primers available on the market, take time to choose the best one that will fulfill what you need. 

  • If you are worried about pores or wrinkles, then you should find out the primer that has anti-aging and pore minimizing the formula used on it. 
  • You should use a primer if you want to airbrush your makeup. 

Step #2: Evaluate your skin and check that if your skin has dark spots, shallowness, redness, or dark circle under the eye, then you find out the color-tinted primer. The color-tinted introduction will help you to reduce your discoloration. 

  • A tinted primer is not necessary at all. You can use some other primer, which will also help to reduce discoloration. But tinted primer does that efficiently, and now you can decide what you want to do.
  •   If you get sunburn quickly, then you should try greenish tint primer. Greenish tint primer is very efficient in redness and sunburn. 
  • You can try lavender tinted primer, which is best works on sallow and yellowish skin.
  • If you have dark spots, then try peach-tinted primer to get the final results.

Step #3: Figure out your skin type, is your skin is oily, normal, or dry? Different primer uses different ingredients, texture, etc some of them great for oily skin or some of them suitable for normal and dry skin. So skin type matters while using a primer. 

If you are not sure what kind of your skin, then let’s check it out? First of all, you need to wash your face with your own and good cleanser; after that, let your skin dry. Now, what are your skin feels after 20-25 minutes?

  • If your skin feels oily, then you have oily skin. So you should try the primer which absorbs oils from your skin. 
  • If your skin feels dry or tight, then your skin is dry. Find some gel-based primer or something that won’t dry your skin. 
  • If your skin feels clean or soft, then your skin type is normal. You should try different kinds of primers to check out which one gives you the best results. 

Step #4: Now, you have selected your primer. It’s time to prepare your skin before applying the primer. Wash your face properly using a cleanser. It is so essential to clear all the dirt on your skin before you doing makeup. And also don’t forget to clean your hand too.

  • You should clean your hand because you will apply primer with your hand, so clean your hand and fingers. 

Step #5: Apply the moisturizer before the primer. Moisturizer is essential to keep your skin healthy. Some of the primers also have moisturizing properties, but the main purpose of primer is to long last your makeup. 

  • Make sure that your moisturizer is completely dry or absorbed into the skin before applying primer. 

Step #6: Now, You are ready to apply the primer! Take a pea-sized amount of primer on your finger and then cover your face and neck properly. You don’t need more than a pea-sized primer. 

  • Apply the primer gently on your face, do it slowly, and take time while applying the primer. Also, take care while blending it on your hairline or neck. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have covered some common questions that are people asking on the internet. 

1. How Long Should You Leave Primer On Before Applying Makeup?

You should use a thin layer of primer before applying makeup foundation. You should leave primer until the primer ultimately gets into the face and wait until your face dry.

2. Why Is Primer Used In Makeup?

The purpose of use primer is to keep your makeup long-lasting. You will get smooth and polished skin after using the primer. The primer creates a canvas for having makeup-friendly skin. 

Primers fill your pores virtually so that your makeup will fit perfectly. Primer helps to get instant glowing because some of the primers use glowing particles to get a glowing face. 

3. Is Primer Bad For Skin?

Primer is essential in our beauty routine. Primer creates a base and ready to apply makeup foundation. If you have sensitive skin then primer can clog your pores. You should consider checking out which primer have fewer properties to avoid clog and pores. Learn more Why you can’t skip primers?

4. Can I Use Moisturizer As Primer?

In the one word “Yes” You can use the primer as a moisturizer. If you have dry skin then you can use the primer as your moisturizer. But it can not be the best replacement for a moisturizer because primers have dimethicone and silicone to fill out the pores. Some other ingredients prevent oil to come out from your skin to get longer makeup.

But take in mind you can use primers as a moisturizer but it will not the best replacement. 

5. Is It Ok To Wear Primer every day?

Well, It totally depends on your beauty routine. If you have oily skin and makeup is a part of your daily life and you have a hard time getting makeup then you should consider wearing primer. 

Primer is a revolutionary product that will give you professional makeup looking within a short time. And of course, primer helps your makeup stay longer for the whole day. 

6. Does Primer Fill in Wrinkles?

Yes, primer fill your wrinkles in fine lines so that you will get fantastic makeup. You should search for anti-aging primers which is the best to hide your wrinkles. 



The primer is a revolutionary product that is the best friend while we do our daily makeup. It makes our makeup easier and efficient. In this article, I have told about how to use face primer for long lasting makeup. I explained each and every detail that I own in my mind. You have learned enough how to use face primer for long-lasting makeup. 

You can also read the primer review to choose which one is best fits for you.


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