5 Easy Steps On How To Store Makeup Brushes For Travel In 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

When we think about travel for women/girls first priority is to store our makeup brushes in a proper way. So, our brushes and makeup tools will safe from internal damages. In this article, you will learn the 5 easy steps on how to store makeup brushes for travel in 2021. 

Makeup brushes are one of the essential accessories for doing perfect makeup. However, you have to place these brushes properly to protect your makeup brushes from damage. If you do not have a sound storage system for these, then these bushes can be easily misplaced.

When you are going to travel, then you need to take some extra care to store your brushes. First of all, you need a compact bag, wrapping lather, or what you like to wrap, sunglass case, or brush book to protect your brushes and make your makeup very portable. Now, I am going to tell you the five easy steps on how to store makeup brushes for travel.

How to Store Makeup Brushes for Travel just in 5 easy steps

1. Pick a brush book to sustain the shape of brushes

A brush book is beneficial when you travel outside of your home for the holiday/vacation. The brush book keeps safe your brushes with elastic bands on them. The slots are separate; that’s why the brush doesn’t roll around the box and doesn’t lose its shape.

  • A brush book is very light and portable. You can easily fold on your carry bag.
  • Keep your brush book on your hand luggage to prevent damages on the brushes.

2. Take a Sunglass Case

Take a sunglass Case for your small brushes to keep them safe from getting lost. Small brushes easily have forgotten when you do not take care of them. It can be more challenging to take care of when you go out from home on holiday. It quickly ends up at the bottom of your luggage.

  • Use sunglasses case for easy access on your brushes and also never worried about losing them.

3. You can use a wrapped leather holder

Use the Leather holder to make a barrier between touching brushes. The leather holder protects your brushes to get touching each other, which prevents your brushes from damage.

  • The wrapped leather holder is great to protect your bristles and keep them in top condition.
  • If you do not want to use a leather holder, then you can use plastic-wrapped holders or fabrics.

4. Choose a makeup bag

The makeup bag will help to store makeup brushes in the right way and make them very portable. I prefer you to use makeup bags with separate pockets. Because If some of the makeup bottles leaked somehow, then it can quickly soil your brushes.

  • A makeup bag gives you a great option to take your makeup and the brushes together in a single container.

5. Take pencil cases

You can take a pencil case that can help you to place brushes properly. When you are going to travel, there is a high chance of getting your brushes dirty. A pencil Case is one of the most significant ways to keep your brushes separate.

  • When you use pencil cases with zipping, then make sure your brush bristle does not stick on the zip.

You can follow these steps while packing your makeup brushes for travel. I hope these steps can help you to store your makeup brushes correctly when you are going on a trip. If you want to know more about storing makeup brushes, then learn more.

Bonus: How long can you keep makeup brushes?

Do you clean your brushes regularly? If ‘yes’ then thumbs up for you. You are taking care of your brushes if you don’t know how to clean makeup brushes correctly, then learn how to clean your makeup brushes like a professional.

Well, you already know makeup brushes are an essential tool for our daily makeup routine. But you can not use them for a year to year these brushes need to change. Many experts suggest that you should toss brushes after 2-3 months. Not all the brushes need to roll for 2-3 months; it also depends on how you used them. But you can check the sign that will tell you it’s the time to take a new brush set. There are a lot of symptoms that can ensure you that your brushes need to toss, but here are the most reasonable three sings that will help you to know when to throw your brushes:

Top 3 Signs when to toss makeup brushes

  • You need to toss them if the brush started to shed.
  • The brushes will have unusual smells.
  • The brush will be discolored.

If you notice that your brushes have these signs, then you must replace your brushes. Otherwise, It can be the reason for irritating skin or other skin problems.

Last Line For You

Your skin is one of the soft organs on your body. It can easily get damaged if you do not use good brushes and take care of your brushes. If you want to avoid any kind of skin problems, then you should use good brushes and toss them when needed. Bad brushes are also the reason for acne, pimple, rashes, or any other skin problems. Take care of your brushes and make a sound storage system for your brushes.

I hope you enjoy the article and got a clear idea about how to store makeup brushes for travel. As well you can get a proper sense of how long can you keep makeup brushes. Now you can go on a trip with your makeup tools.

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