How To Look Good Without Makeup If You Have Acne [Look pretty without makeup]

Looking good without makeup if you have acne and oily skin is not a big deal trust me! I know you don’t trust, you can look attractive without makeup. But the reality, if you do these steps and use any of these methods I have written below, you will get amazing results within a week. You need to take care of yourself and change your daily routine. Now, I am dividing into my opinion on how to look good without makeup when you have acne or oily face?

We think makeup endures the way to look pretty, but honestly, this is inaccurate. Looking beautiful is not for makeup; this is all about how your skin glowing and healthy. I think your mind is getting knocked by a question! If you have acne on your face, how you look lovely without makeup?

Foremost, makeup represents the way to organize yourself with a striking look. If you are looking charming without makeup, then why you want to do makeup, right? Here I am going to cover two methods of how you can look pretty and attractive without makeup. Interesting right?

How to look good without makeup if you have acne?

Method 1 – Natural ways:

There are several ways to look attractive without makeup. I think natural methods are much better than in any other way. You will get amazing results after doing these for some weeks. You can follow these tips very quickly. So Let’s get started our first step!

Wash face using cold water:

How to look good without makeup, if you have acne

Washing face is essential! Experts recommend you should wash your face twice a day with clean water. Water removes bacteria/oils and dust from the face. Wash your face in the morning and night before you get to sleep.

When you get outside home, your face connects with dust/pollutions/sun rays, etc. Water can help you to reduce the dust from the face and remove the literal amount of skin bacterias or oils.

 Drink Water:

how to look good without makeup if you have acne

According to H.H Mitchell, Journal of Biological chemistry 158, the skin contains 64% of water. Brain, muscles, kidney, heart, body tissues also contain water.

How important is water for our body and skin this is cleared to us? Right!

You have to drink plenty of water daily. Drinking water is the primary way to glow your skin naturally. Washing your face helps to remove outer layers on your face. But drinking water helps to remove inner layers of the body by regulating and keep body temperature reasonable. Water keeps hydrating your skin, and water helps to produce our minerals, irons, etc. in our body.

Eating healthy food:

how to look good without makeup if you have acne

Health is wealth; eating healthy food is required to get skin glowing and charming. You should avoid junk foods like (fried chicken, oily food, fast food, etc.) and sugary foods (sports drinks, coffee, alcohol, etc.). You have to avoid this kind of food if you want to look good without makeup.

For better results to get beautiful without makeup, you should diet. Take food with little quantity, best practice to eat green vegetables. Vegetables are very wealthy for health, and this is also helpful to our skin.

Moisturizing your skin:

how to look good without makeup if you have acne

Moisturizing helps skin to smooth, soft, and glowing. You can use moisturizing by coconut oil, olive oil, etc. If your skin has not correctly moisturized, then the skin looks glowless. You don’t want glowless skin, right?

Because you want to look good even without makeup, then your face needs to be soft and smooth. You can apply Moisturizing cream to get better moisturize skin.


how to look pretty without makeup

Grooming is the way to organize yourself to your own choices. You can cut your nails, hairs, body hairs, etc. Sometimes you can see people who are well dressed and organized. They are looking attractive than others even if you did makeup and do not focus on wearing your makeup, not work at all to looking good.

I think how important is grooming is clear to you, right? Grooming is all about your appearance and clothing yourself in the right way.

Method 2 – Technical way:

The technical way means to focus on your overall appearances. Here, I am showing you how to look pretty without makeup in my terms; this is the professional way! The functional approach is about to show your personality and use beauty creams or facials.


how to look good without makeup if you have acne
smiley face

A smile shows real you; everyone has a unique laugh. Your smile shows your personality, and sometimes we judge people with their smiles. Who smiles every time we decide them as the right person, we get positive attention for those people.

The smile makes you more attractive and catches attention. Smiling allows you to up your face brightness. But you have to whiten your teeth to more attractive. When you smile, your real beauty comes out from your face. If your teeth are naturally yellow or grey, then get them professionally whiten.

Take care of your eyebrows:

how to look pretty without makeup
Eyebrows are glowing

If you are not doing any makeup, then eyebrows are considered the center of your attention. Make your eyebrows glowing and tint them if needed. Shape your eyebrows, which shape is matched with your face. If you want to color your eyebrows, then make sure your hair color matches your eyebrows color.

You can apply the mixture of castor oil and vitamin A every day, after a few weeks you will notice incredible improvements on your eyebrows. Glowing eyebrows are beautiful, and I prefer you should keep your eyebrows with extra care.

Take care of your lips:

how to look good without makeup
Lips are glowing

Lip is your face identity. Use lip balms to moisturize your lip. Once a week, massage your lip with a soft toothbrush or your fingertips. Massage helps your lips to get more blood circulation, which will help you to gain a glowing lip.

You can also use natural oil or olive oils on your lip to moisturize. Glowing lip attention creator when you talk someone, they notice on your mouth trust me.

Use Sunscreens:

how to look pretty without makeup
using creams

Sunscreens are fantastic when you go out of the home. Then the ultra violates rays never harm your soft skins like face. I prefer to use sunscreens before go out from home. Sun creams also help to protect from skin cancer. I prefer you should visit your nearest dermatologist to have a good idea which sunscreens are best for you.

Don’t worry, and I have an article where I have written about the best sunscreens recommended by a dermatologist. You can also check this article to know which one is best for you.

Sleep Enough:

how to look pretty without makeup

Sleep is essential to every human being, and it helps our skin healthy and perfect. You have to follow the sleeping cycle, try to sleep at 11 PM, and sleep at least 7-9 hours daily. When sleeping, our body starts producing “beauty hormones” — melatonin. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant, and melatonin improves our eye health, stomach ulcer, etc.

Properly sleep affects your face when you don’t sleep overnight, and your skin will look tired and dull. You don’t want it, right? Proper sleep doesn’t charge you any money, so why you miss.

Care About Your Hair:

how to look pretty without makeup
Hair Spa

Every woman/girl’s real beauty is in their hair. No one likes dull hair or ugly hair. Keep natural colors to your hair because the natural color represents you more than you give any other colors to your hair. Regularly cut the split ends of your hair.

Everyone loves silky hair, and you should take the spa your hair every month at least once. Use hair conditioner, hair gel, hair spray, hair oil to get good results.

Bonus: What are the side effects of makeup?

Makeup products contain chemicals. If you have acne-prone skin, then some makeup will irritate your skin. If you have acne, rashes, oily, and other skin diseases, then you should take extra care while doing makeup. You can use primer, moisturizer before doing makeup.

Now have a look at 5 major side effects of makeup.

Side Effects of Makeup?

There are different types of makeup. Now, I am describing some of those possible side effects to clarify to you what appropriately represents the adverse effects of makeup.

5 side effects of makeup shown below:

  • Headaches
  • Acne
  • Skin Allergies
  •  Eye Infections
  • Hair fall/damage


We know that cosmetics formulas use chemicals like DMDM hydantoin and Diazolidinyl Urea. These familiar types of specific chemicals irritate terrific headaches and also damage eyes. If you are undoubtedly suffering from frequent problems and can’t figure out why?

Intentionally leave makeup for a couple of days and observe the result. Makeup probably the reasons for your headaches. Even after leaving makeup not fix your problems, then you should visit your nearest doctor as soon as possible.


The most issues that come on makeup are typically acne, rashes, allergies, etc. The face is one of your main body organs, and it naturally needs to grow correctly. Makeup covers your face skin, and it can not acquire proper air on that.

Some distinct types of makeup use liquid and creams, which are undoubtedly produced by specific chemicals. Unstable chemicals are harsh for the skin. After every makeup, you should wash your face properly before going to bed.

Skin Allergies:

Chemicals are handled in cosmetics, which seem to constitute the critical reason for bacterial growth typically. Bacterias are usually the practical reason for skin irritation, mild rashes, and allergies. An allergic reaction does not appear until consistent symptoms become severe. Please read the label of parabens before you buy it.

Sometimes skin allergies destroy your face softness, and you could not have the chance to make your skin like before. Be aware when buying any cosmetics, and please read labels properly.

Eye Infections:

Heavy eye makeup is very dangerous because the eye is a susceptible part of our body. Rough use of eye makeup irritates the eye and harmful. You have to avoid mascara, eyeliner, etc. Your sight is beautiful without this type of cosmetics, which has chemicals that harm your eyes. You can use these when occasion and attend the party, etc.

The eye makes our first impression and gives us the power to see our beautiful world. Just because of Makeup, you don’t want to lose your eyesight, right? You must avoid chemicals that are dangerous for your eyes.

Hair fall:

Fashion trending changes and hairstyles have a lot of products like hair gels, hair serum, hair cream, and spray. This is used to give your hair what you want to be. But after all of these will damage your hair. After every use makes sure, you wash your hair correctly.

Use natural oils and hair creams that have hair growing vitamins and helps your hair to improve appropriately and makes your hair shiny.


After all of these discussions, we can get the proper idea makeup is not essential to look good. You can use these few steps for a couple of weeks to get the result to see in your mirror. I hope this article will be helpful to you, and my goal is to add value to your life.

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