How To Clean Makeup Brushes Properly Just In 7 Easy Steps

Makeup is a way that helps you to organize your lookup. Brushes are essential while you are doing makeup, brushes use for factual foundation. Makeup brushes get dirty and infected by bacteria after using them sometimes. Bacteria cause pimples, acne, and sometimes it dangerous for skin.  Now, I am talking about how to clean makeup brushes properly just in 7 easy steps.

Why should you clean your brushes?

Makeup brushes get dirty quickly, and dirty brushes infected with bacteria. According to dermatology, you should clean your brushes each uses. You should know how often makeup brushes need to clean to get a better foundation and better performance of your brushes.

There are different types of makeup for the face; for those, you have different kinds of brushes. You are using face powder, foundation, concealer, etc. For this type of brushes, you should clean them once a week and must wash these brushes properly in a month.

For “Eye brushes, you must clean after each use,” and also clean before use.  Sometimes you need to clean your makeup brushes in between clients. I am sure after reading the whole article, you can say it is also a guide of “how to clean makeup brushes in between clients” this article will help you how easily you can clean your makeup within 20 minutes.

How important is a brush brand?

You know the brush brand is significant. Low-quality brushes will harm your skin, and this will cause your skin diseases, and you will not be happy to see your skin rashes. You need quality to ensure your brush will not harm your skin. You can check the best soft skin brushes for you.

Hidden benefits of Cleaning makeup brushes properly!

  • Use brushes for a long time
  • Get proper foundations
  • Removes oils and makeup dust
  • Removes dead skin cells from brushes
  • Regular cleaning help to brushes bristles soft, and soft bristles less irritate your thin skins
  • Clean your brushes to apply makeup better

Ways of cleaning makeup brushes?

There are two ways to clean your makeup brushes. You can clean your makeup brushes using the electronic device and clean at home with some particular type of liquids or water. Here I will talk about how to clean makeup brushes at home within 7 steps. Also, you can check the review of the [best electronic device for cleaning your makeup brushes]. Okay, Let’s see “how to clean makeup brushes properly.”

how to clean makeup brushes properly
how to clean makeup brushes properly

Here are 7 ways you can apply to clean your makeup brushes?

  • First of all, we need a glass, take some warm water.
  • One table cup of dishwashing soap. [You can also use baby shampoo]
  • One table cup of vinegar and mix dishwashing soap and vinegar properly in the glass jar.
  • Put your brushes into the jar for 20 minutes. [time depends on your brush sizes]
  • After 20 minutes, gently massage your brush bristles and keep washing with clean water.
  • After finish washing brushes, then let the brushes dry, keep brushes lay flat into dry towels.
  • Enjoy your neat and clean makeup brushes within 20 minutes.

Top 5 reasons you need to clean your makeup brushes?

Skin Infections:

Skin infection is dangerous for anyone. The disease may destroy your face structure; also, it kills your beauty. You can easily escape this type of infection, cleaning your makeup brushes.

Damaged Bristles:

Regular cleaning will remove damaged bristles from your brushes. Broken hairs are irritating to the skin. The dermatology specialist is saying after using each use, and all the brushes need to be clean and wash brushes in a month.

Infected by Bacteria:

Makeup brushes infected by bacteria pretty quickly, most of the people don’t care about cleaning makeup brushes. Powder, mascara,  Eyeliner brushes take a lot of chemicals that are very familiar to bacteria, and all substances have side effects.

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How to clean makeup brushes properly[Watch the video]!

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