How Often Should Makeup Brushes Be Cleaned [Step by Step Guide]

How often should makeup brushes be cleaned? Excellent question: Now, I am solving this problem for you. Let’s Move

Makeup brushes make our flawless foundation application easy and perfect. We can use our full makeup power because of these tools. Makeup is mandatory for every woman to look attractive. But only makeup products will not do this job correctly. You need the brushes to give perfect coverage of makeup foundation or apply successfully. But You may ask: how often should makeup brushes be cleaned? Now I am going tell you what dermatologists are recommending to clean makeup brushes.

How often should makeup brushes be cleaned?

Brushes are the key to get the best result of applying makeup. Although after some use, this brush gets dirty, and you should clean these brushes correctly to prevent makeup buildup. If you want to clean your brushes, then you need to know how often should makeup brushes be cleaned? When cleaning your makeup brushes and your brushes did not lose their productivity.

  • Clean brushes after each use to get flawless makeup.
  • Clean Each brush depends on your use.

Let’s discuss when to clean makeup brushes:

According to dermatologists, you need to clean makeup brushes which are
used on your face like foundation and concealer brushes needs to clean
minimum every seven to ten days.

But there are other brushes which used so often. The brushes which used on eye makeup should be clean twice a month, or all other makeup brushes need to clean at least once a month.

It also depends on how often you use your brushes and what makeup you use with them. If you use liquid applications, then you must be clean these brushes every seven days.

Remember, makeup brushes don’t last forever. Keep notice discoloration, shedding, or lingering smells, which should be as signs that it’s time to change the brushes. When your brushes need to change, you have to find out which is the best makeup brush set for you.

Why should I clean makeup brushes?

Well, you applying makeup on your sensitive skin. When using makeup brushes, get your skin cells, oily, dirty, and all of these need to be clean to prevent bacterial infection on your skin.
You don’t want to affect by bacteria and don’t want to make your skin hard and ugly, right?
If you do not clean makeup brushes, then it also causes acne, pimple, rashes, etc. Why should you take risks about your skin take time to clean your brushes properly?

What should I use to clean makeup brushes?

There are several different cleansers available to clean your makeup brushes, sponges, and tools correctly.
Some makeup brush manufacturers offer cleansers with their brush set.
If you get cleanser from manufacturers, then why should you not use them. Many solvents are a little bit expensive to buy.
I use dishwashing soap or baby shampoo to clean my makeup brushes. And a few drops of soap will work flawlessly without losing its productivity.

Final Verdict

As we know that when makeup is essential, then we need to use makeup brushes to get perfect makeup. When we use makeup brushes, it gets dirty, and dirty brushes cause bacteria that are not good for our skin. So, cleaning makeup brushes is not such a hard job, right? You have to take care of your brushes.

If you are going to travel then, your makeup brushes need to be organized appropriately and need to store them properly. Because, When you visit, makeup brushes can be damaged. Take care of storing brushes properly when you go out from home or travel. I have already told how to store makeup brushes properly for the trip.

I hope after reading the whole article, you are clear about how often should makeup brushes be cleaned. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask any questions comments below.

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