How To Make Coffee Eye Mask For Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles At Home

Having a cup of coffee will refresh your mind and body. As we know that coffee can help us to work efficiently when we tired, then a cup of coffee can feel you energetic. But there is another good news for you coffee contains caffeine that helps to protect our skin cells against UV radiation. That’s why you can also use coffee to make an eye mask to get relief from puffy eyes and dark circles. Now, I am going to share my homemade technic on how to make a Coffee eye mask within 5 steps!

Coffee Face Scrub Benefits on Face

Coffee contains caffeine that helps our skin to slow down the process of photoaging on our surface. Caffeine helps our skin to tighten, makes our skin smooth and puffiness. Coffee caffeine also helps to reduce dark circles under the eye, and it also reduces early wrinkles on our skin. 

Is Coffee Scrub Good for Your Face?

Coffee grounds scrubbing on the face can help you to clear away dead skin cells. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid that can help you to reduce galling and prevent some kind of bacteria. 

Another thing, coffee will not make your skin darker, or coffee is not discolouring your skin colour. Coffee will help you to get brighter skin. 

Does Coffee Scrub Lighten Skin?

Coffee has a high antioxidant, which helps your skin to get more brighten. The antioxidant of coffee prolongs your blood streaming, repair damaged skin cells, and develop cell regeneration, which helps to get brighter and glowing skin.  

Coffee has the best exfoliating peculiarity to give you an extra step away in the brightening face. The coffee grounds have the perfect structure for scrubbing, and coffee also has a small amount of acidic. This acidic is very light, which helps your skin to get bonus benefits like chemical exfoliating. 

Coffee has all the organic ingredients which are beneficial to our skin. Especially when you need bright skin then the coffee mask is the best choice for you. 

How to Make Coffee Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes at Home Just in 5 Steps

Ingredients to make coffee eye mask: In this formula, we have 3 main parts shown in the picture below:

how to make coffee eye mask for puffy eye

Ingredients of making coffee eye mask:

  • Brown sugar
  • Coffee Grounds 
  • Coconut Oil
  • A medium-size bowl 
  • Pure Water

Directions on how to make coffee eye mask properly!

Step 1: Take 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar.

Step 2: Take 2/3 Teaspoon of fresh coffee grounds.

Step 3: Mix the black pepper and coffee grounds using coconut oil on the bowl. Use 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil.

Step 4: Take a little amount of water to mix these properly. After all, mix all these ingredients and stir well to make a paste.

Step 5: Now, it’s time to apply the paste you made it on a home. 

Apply it under your eyes carefully and let it dry for about 5-10 minutes.

After 5-10 minutes, gently wipe off using wet tissues and dry your skin. After that, you can apply some moisturizer on your skin. Repeat this mask regularly till you get complete relief from dark circles and puffy eyes. 

Final Verdict:

Making Coffee eye mask at home is not tough. In this stage, you know how to make a coffee eye mask correctly. You should apply this mask daily because daily uses of this mask will give you better performance. Coffee grounds have natural anti-oxidants which is good for our skin tone. 

Well, I hope you have made your coffee eye mask right? So, now you can also store your mask on your fridge so that you don’t need to make this daily. Enjoy Brighten Skin and get rid of puffiness and dark circles from your face. 

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