9 Benefits Of Wearing Sunscreen On Face Everyday | Why Sunscreen Is Important?

Summer comes with vacation and outdoor activities with family, friends, colleagues, etc. But there is a problem the sun on a hot summer day will damage your skin. You don’t want to burn your skin, right? I have a solution for you! Yes, this is “Sunscreen.” Sunscreen will help you to protect your skin from the sun. Now, I am talking about the benefits of wearing sunscreen on face everyday and why sunscreen is essential for you.

In the summer season, we love to go to the beach and want to enjoy the summer. But the sun rays burn our skin, and it also causes cancer or other skin problems. However, applying sunscreen is not restricted only for the summer season. Your skin should be protected in every season sunscreen protects your skin from sun rays, rashes, etc. You can also use sunscreen even in winter, monsoon, spring to protect your skin from damages.

Types of Sunscreen:

There are two types of sunscreens.

  • Physical Sunscreen(Organic).
  • Chemical Sunscreen.

Physical (Organic) Sunscreen scatter and block the sun rays prevent sun damages.

Chemical Sunscreen absorbs sun rays on your face.

Are These Sunscreen Safe for skin?  

Physical sunscreens use organic ingredients. And Chemical Sunscreens uses chemical elements, but these two types of sunscreens are well tested before launch on the market. These sunscreens have passed a lot of tests and need to move the recommended score given by the health ministry. So don’t be scared you can use these sunscreens without any worry.  Now, how to choose the best sunscreen for you? Here are the best sunscreens recommended by the dermatologist?

Top 9 Benefits of wearing sunscreen on face everyday

  • Reduce the chance of skin cancer
  • Protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays
  • Protect from sunburns
  • Sunscreen anti-aging formula helps you to prevent premature aging.
  • Gives enhanced skin health
  • Protects from the Ozone layer
  • Naturally glowing skin
  • Keep skin Hydrate
  • Look pretty even without makeup.

You can visit here to get to know about Sunscreen science from Harvard Health Publishing.

Why is sunscreen necessary?

You already know 9 benefits of wearing sunscreen on a face everyday, Now let’s talk about why sunscreen is essential, right? In the summer season, we have suffered from sunray. The sun rays have ultra violate rays, which are very dangerous to our skin. We want to protect our skin from these rays. The sunscreen helps us to protect our skin from these harmful rays.

Sunscreen prevents these rays with a layer. When we apply sunscreen on our skin, this sunscreen makes a layer on our skin. Sunscreen decreases skin cancer, and sunscreen used an anti-aging formula to give you a younger look. The Dermatologists are highly recommended you should use sunscreen every day.

Importance of Sunscreen in Summer

UV rays are dominant during the summer. There are two types of Ultra Violate rays: One is UVA, and the Other one is UVB. UVA rays change our skin visual skin tone like it changes our skin color and premature aging etc. And the UVB rays are dangerous to our skin surface, for example, it can be the reason of skin burn.

Sunscreens are not only for the summer; it can be used every season to get good skin. Summer season UV rays become more dangerous, and your skin needs to be protected from these rays.

Is there any Benefits of Sunscreen for Acne-prone skin

First, we need to know can sunscreen cause acne? The answer is possibly it depends on what type of Sun Protection Factor(SPF) applying on your face. All the sunscreens are not suitable for Acne-prone skin, but you will find out which sunscreen is recommended by a dermatologist.

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi (co-director of Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington) advised that if you have acne on your skin, then you must know what ingredients used in this sunscreen and what SPF is it. Dr. Tanzi says that you should use oil-free sunscreens and look for zinc and Titanium on physical sunscreens. You can also look attractive without makeup, even if you have acne.

Why you should wear sunscreen everyday on your face?

Yes, You need to take care of your skin every day. Skin is a susceptible and soft organ in our body. If we want your skin silky, smooth, and healthy, then you must take care of it. Sunscreen protects our skin from dangerous radiations like UV rays. UV rays have two different types UVA and UVB; UVB rays cause skin burn, and it hazardous to skin health, and it may be recovered. But on the other side, UVA rays cause premature aging, and it also causes cancer we can not make reversible.

I have told you 9 benefits of wearing sunscreen on face everyday. You know that sunscreen helps you to prevent the UV rays from your skin, sunscreen blocks sun rays and other radiation. You have to wear sunscreen every season because the sun rays with us, right! When you are outside of the home, you regularly being exposed to UV rays. Even clouds won’t be able to filter out UV rays. So the best practice is that we should wear sunscreen every day before going out of home and if we have to spend a long time under the sun.

Is there any Benefits of Sunscreen on black skin

Yes, black skin indeed has much lower risk under the sun. But still, you can not surely say that you are 100% safe. Because of 10.9% of black Americans with 18-29 years of age, they experienced sunburn reported by CDC 2010. Sunburns don’t always see red it sometimes tight, painful, and very hot when touching the skin.

Dermatologists are also told everyone should use preferred sunscreens according to their skin tones. Skin is a susceptible organ for all of us. If your skin is black, you should use sunscreen for taking extra care of your skin.

Why is Sun cream so important?

I have written a lot of details on the benefits of wearing sunscreen on face everyday. Now, have a look at what a dermatologist says about the sun creams.

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